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Tallinn Motor Show 2016
Tallinn Motor Show 2016
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Tallinn Motor Show 2016

Tallinn Motor Show 2016

Tallinn Motor Show brings the international motorcycle & ATV exhibition back to the very heart of Estonian capital Tallinn. On the last weekend of February in 2016 we offer you adrenaline, beautiful motorcycles, gutsy ATVs and, of course, gorgeous women.
Excitement is guaranteed when all the major motorcycle & ATV brands and accessories/gear importers bring their model range for show under the same roof, including all the hot new models.
Tallinn Motor Show is the perfect place to come and get the best deal for the next season’s equipment, a great opportunity to meet friends and make new connections when petrol blooded people gather at same place.
The schedule for both of the exhibition days has been carefully planned to guarantee a pleasant experience for adults, youngsters and also children – there is excitement for everyone!

This action packed motorcycling weekend is ready to offer you and your whole family an unforgettable motoring experience!

Tallinn Motor Show is organized by the Estonian Motorcycling Federation.

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Tallinn Motor Show 2016

Tallinn Motor Show 2016

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Sa.27.02.2016 10:00 - Su.28.02.2016
Tallinn Motor Show 2016 / 1 dienas biļete
5.60 - 10.60 €
3.94 - 7.45 LVL
Sa.27.02.2016 10:00 - Su.28.02.2016
Tallinn Motor Show 2016 / 2 dienu biļete
15.60 €
10.96 LVL
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