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Viljandi Pärimusmuusika festival PÄEVA PASS Pühapäev >>
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Su.31.07.2016 13:00
Viljandi Pärimusmuusika festival PÄEVA PASS Pühapäev
18.60 €
13.07 LVL

Viljandi Pärimusmuusika festival PÄEVA PASS Pühapäev

Viljandi Folk Music Festival 2016
The theme of XXIV Viljandi Folk Music Festival is WOMEN’S VOICE

This year’s Viljandi Folk Music Festival is devoted to one of the most beautiful and expressive natural sounds in the world – the woman’s voice. We concentrate on how women express themselves through singing and making music both in Estonia and abroad, today and in the past. How does the work of contemporary Estonian female singers influence us? What kind of messages are communicated through female voices? How do the voices of faraway guests speak to us - for example, the women who carry out water rites on Vanuatu island or the Mauritian female songs that have medicinal properties according to the locals? The famous Georgian men’s songs have captured the hearts of festivalgoers for decades, now it’s time for the Georgian women to show what they are made of.

In this country, women were not always allowed on stage. At the first Estonian song festival in 1869, only male choirs were allowed on stage and women had to stay home during the busy haymaking season. Nowadays, the stages are shared equally between both sexes and this is how it is supposed to be. Back when a woman’s word was not worth much, they expressed themselves through their voice because the word of the singer was a law unto oneself – women were free to say whatever they wanted in song. Thus, women claimed their voice in the society through their singing. The powerful female voices of regi songstresses Anneli Vabarna, Liisa Kümmel and several others have deservedly made their way from the hidden confines of history onto grand stages, gleaming back to the audiences from the disco balls or hovering through time as part of new arrangements.


The festival and day passes for XXIV Viljandi Folk Music Festival which takes place on 28-31 July, 2016 are available from Piletilevi ticket vendors and in the web shop starting from 1 December, 2015.

Important information:
The festival pass and day pass grant entry to all the outdoor concerts and (subject to availability) the concerts which take place in the Traditional Music Center and St John's Church. Festival pass holders can purchase tickets for the indoor concerts in advance for a reduced rate of at least 50%.
Both festival and day passes are exchanged for wristbands in the tickets and pass centre which is located near the main festival gate on Vabaduse Square. The ticket and pass centre is open 12.00-01.00.
All children under the age of 12 (included) can visit the festival for free. In order to prevent problems which might arise from determining the age of your child, we ask you kindly to visit the ticket and pass centre when you arrive at the festival area where the children are provided with wristbands upon presenting a document proving their eligibility.
The youngster’s festival and day passes are for students aged 13-26 (included). The youngster’s passes are exchanged for wristbands upon presenting proof of age and student status.
The pensioner’s day passes are exchanged for wristbands upon presenting the pension certificate.
The number of festival passes, day passes and youngster’s passes is limited.


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Name/Date Location Ticket prices Delivery type
Su.31.07.2016 13:00
Viljandi Pärimusmuusika festival PÄEVA PASS Pühapäev
18.60 €
13.07 LVL
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